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11:34 a.m. - 2016-03-30
Peanut Butter Bagel!

I eat a peanut butter bagel for breaky with some vanilla Greek yogurt. It feels odd being on here since I used to use DAIRY oops, diary land as a teenager. I wish I could access some of my old diaries and read just some of the strange things that I have wrote on there.

Well, it probably got deleted because
1. Mom might read the diaries. SHHHHHHHIT! Well, what the hell did I really have to hide besides having a weird long distance relationship with an Australian boy named Matt and skipping school?!

2. They have been inactive for so long that diaryland just said "well, screw it. We're denying any access to this user. They have been inactive for so long and our servers are being hogged."

3. Lost my passion in writing. No way!! I'm back here to write more stupid crap about my life and whoever wants to read about a stranger's life. I'm flattered.


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